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Ben Simo

Principal Product Manager
Ben Simo (an amphibious time-traveling context-driven cyborg software tester), also known as QualityFrog, is a skilled context-driven software tester and agile software developer, who has been practicing his craft for over two decades. Ben views software testing as a cognitively complex activity that requires critical thinking, effective communication, and rapid self-directed learning. Ben approaches software testing as a search for knowledge - both confirming existing beliefs and seeking out that which is unknown. In his role as a software investigator, Ben strives to enable informed decision making. Ben has applied his testing skills for companies large and small; spanning a variet of industries, including: defense, healthcare, finance, education, internet services, and advertising. Ben is a member and past president of the Association for Software Testing. Ben operates IsThereAProblemHere.com - a blog that provides software professionals an opportunity to laugh and learn from wild-caught software failures.